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General Dentistry

GENERAL DENTISTRY At Dalby Dental we value the long lasting relationships we have with our patients and we’d like to invite you to look to us for the dental health needs of you and all your family. Our goal for all of our [...]


Child Dental

CHILD DENTISTRY We appreciate the trust you have placed in us in caring for your child’s dental health. You will notice many changes in your child’s mouth during their early development years. It’s so important that they have a positive dental experience that [...]


Cosmetic Dentistry

COSMETIC DENTISTRY Confidence is a beautiful smile and at Dalby Dental we help you to choose the most appropriate and effective manner in which to achieve this. Veneers, Porcelain Crowns, Implants and some Orthodontics are all an options. Implants Dental implants are made [...]


Cosmetic Medicine

COSMETIC MEDICINE YOUR HEALTH is in GOOD HANDS Sue, the Founder of Bella Complexion, is a highly skilled registered nurse with 30 years of experience. Sue is passionate about helping people feel great, become the best version of themselves possible. This is done [...]


Dental Hygienist

DENTAL HYGIENIST Our Hygienist is highly competent and has a warm, friendly and caring manner that makes having dental treatment a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Rebecca Finch:  Dental Hygienist Rebecca graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2009. Prior to completing her [...]


Dental Phobia/Anxiety

DENTAL PHOBIA/ANXIETY Dalby Dental understand dental procedure fears and have access to Specialised Dental Ssedationist to assist in dealing with the complexities of dental procedures where required. Talk with the staff at Dalby Dental to see whats possible. Sue Dalby; Psychologist Psychologist [...]

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